Mississippi Mud – Coffee AND Dessert


For your weekend sugar fix, I give you Southern Bite.com’s Chocolate Spoon Cake. Yes, it is like a perfectly undercooked (but still cooked) brownie in all its gooey glory. Yes you will scarf this stuff up and yes… you will need to swim a mile to burn it off .

I think I’ll make this but try adding some instant coffee granules to the cocoa. Or rum. Hmmm…..

I’m working on several things: a short story submission, a womens’ fiction, and some blog posts with tech and social media lessons for those of us who grew up thinking Spirographs and Etch-a-Sketch’s were on the technological edge. If you missed it, here is a link to my post for Romance University last month – From Jane Austen to Jane Jetson: Making Yourself at Home in the Digital Age.

And on Monday I’ll have more coffee for you, along with Commencement Exercises.

Now, click the link to get the recipe for¬†Southern Bite’s Chocolate Spoon Cake¬†and enjoy your weekend !

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